Prayer Requests

Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 12, 2007
please pray that god will do a miracle in my womb and soon bless me with a pair of twins of healthy baby boys which will bring great joy peace at home and a safe smooth delivery with no complications at all. amen
Tereza D. Post
December 4, 2007
Dear Br.
I request you for my son Steven D'souza for urgent prayers for his studies for prelium examination .He gets nervous for doing his studies. Please pray for good health and study to do better for obtaining 50 to 55% marks in final exam which starts on Feb. 12,2008. Please pray for obeying parents and talking to freely parents lord help us to keep your son under you wing.Some evil spirits are tormenting him please pray for his friends who are making phone calls and disturbing his studies.
Thank you
Tereza D. Post
December 4, 2007
Dear Br. I request you for one of My colleague Mrs.Bharati Kherodkar requested for urgent prayers for her Husband Mr. Deepak who is undertreatment at Hospital and today at 2 to 4 p.m. the bypass surgery will start. When operation starts the first three hours are very dangerous for his health if he gets first three hours any attack doctors cannot help. Due to emmergency the doctors advised them to get operated. Please pray for deepaks good health and healing and strengthen him for undergoing treatment.
Thank you
Yours loving sister tereza
Ruth D. Post
December 1, 2007
Please pray for my mom and I for backup prayers combating neighborhood witchcraft and for a total weight loss of 100 lbs.
My mama's right knee has really bad arthritis and it is hard to get around so please pray for that too.
My father is in prison and needs to repent of the evil he has done against his family. I don't want him to spend eternity in hell, and we are also need backup prayers combating his witchcraft which he often brags about(Silva mind control and all other evils).
Thanks for you prayers and be blessed!
(I sure hope I spelled everything correctly-if I did to God be the credit)
vijay a. Post
November 29, 2007
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME UNTIL CURE Please pray that God will brake the curse and other spells that were made against me.i am vijayakumar from chennai india.Age 35.I am in the middle of spiritual warfare and would appreciate the prayers of agreement for victory over enemies.completely cure me now
Rev. Dr. James J S. Post
November 27, 2007
Please pray the 'prayer of agreement' with me for the following: 1)My sister Heather and her family (Ed, Adria, Armaniand Anthony). She is in need of employment and the resources to provide for her families needs. 2) My dear friend Sir. Robert and his museum consultation business in Dallas, Texas. 3) United Nations Institute fo Training and Research-Department of Peacekeeping Operations. 4) North Atlantic Treaty Organization-International Security Assistance Forces.
Thank you, and may God bless you and may you continue to be a blessing unto others.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 27, 2007
Hi there,

I'm emailing you requesting prayer in the following area,

a huge financial breakthrough this year

Life restoration from the past alterring events

Justice to some bad people who have defrauded and disinfranchised me in the past and present today

thanks for praying

mehar p. Post
November 10, 2007
sir i am very thankuful to lord jesus because he helped me a lot in so many ways.but today that is on november 11th at 3.00pm on sunday i am having my toefl exam,worrying about it.not understanding whether i am perfect or not.please pray to lord jesus that i must write that exam good and to get good scores,because it is my life sir.some times tears are coming thinking of the exam.please sir i am requesting that to pray to lord jesus christ to write my exam good.
thanking you sir
yours son ch.meharprakash
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 8, 2007
Am ready on Thu.Nov. 8th to take MRI of liver & pancreas.2 Recent blood tests (AFPs) showed me in a "cancer range"; those can be thrown off due to my hep. c---praying that this MRI & a yet to be scheduled liver biopsy will show NO CANCER!Also need healing of hiv, liver and lipo.
In the area of finances have $$$$ owed on insurance, a NYC bond and for past disability payments.Praying for healing & finances in Jesus name.

Here's what an abnormal AFP though can mean: In men, nonpregnant women, and children, alpha-fetoprotein in the blood can mean certain types of cancer, especially cancer of the testicles, ovaries, stomach, pancreas, or liver are present. High levels of AFP may also be found in Hodgkin's disease, lymphoma, brain tumors, and renal cell cancer.

Please pray against all of the above above possibilities from the lab tests and believe w/ me that a PRAISE REPORT IS IN THE WORKS.

Cheryl H. Post
October 30, 2007
Please pray for my friend Brad. He is not saved, please pray that his eyes will be opened to the Lord and that the Lord can take away all the bad influences in his life, and start him on a new journey, a new life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please also pray for me. I have no idea why Brad is in my life, and I am very confused. I don't know if God put him in my life or if I put him in my life. Please pray God will give me guidance, clarity, and reassurance about Brad.

Thank you, Amen.
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