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Earl and Wanda Boone have been ministering the Word of God since 1986. In all their years of ministry they have not lost their passion for God or their passion for people. Beginning locally, their ministry now reaches throughout the world.Their vision and focus is to make God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit real to the world and to the Body of Christ.

Home is in My Heart "Having lived through the pain of 10 miscarriages and six years without children, we are acquainted with the lows of this time. Having raised 3 adopted children we would like to help you to focus on the child whose life hangs in the balance." by Earl and Wanda Boone
My Precious Holy Spirit "God is simply beyond our comprehension. He longs to be involved in our everyday life. He longs to be a vital part of our lives whether we are on the athletic field, in the kitchen, working as an executive or in the classroom. After over 30 years I still find Him to be absolutely irresistible!" By Wanda Boone
Until We Meet Again, Again "Your babies whether lost intentionally through a decision to abort or due to miscarriage or sickness are joyful in the arms of Jesus and a heavenly host. You can receive healing. You can forgive yourself." By Wanda Boone
Rainbow Girl in an Unrainbow World "You are varied and faceted because of your life experiences. You are as varied and lovely in your uniqueness as the vibrant tones of the rainbow. Who are the "me's" that you have become because of the good and the bad?" Wanda Boone
The Living Word - He IS the Word of God - by Wanda Boone

TV Ministry:

Durham Channel 18 Mondays 7:30 PM

Chapel Hill Channel 8 Mondays 7:30 PM


1st, 3rd, 4th Sundays 10 AM

Ridge 3420 Wake Forest Highway


6:30 PM

Wisdom for the Way Bible Sharing

112 Broadway St Durham


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